What is bespoke all about? Bespoke comes from the English phrase” To be spoken for” which referred to the upper class and English aristocracy that were always spoken for. As a result what they wore started being labeled as Bespoke because of the manner in which it was made.

Saville Row in London is where I believe it all started, in fact, that the Japanese word for suit, which is “Sabiro” some, believe originated from this famous street. Legend has it that an important Japanese man came over to Saville Row in London, and got a suit from there, told people back in japan about it and Sabiro meaning suit was born =’Sabi’ ‘ro’/(Saville) (Row)

Many suit enthusiasts believe that bespoke and made to measure tailoring are the same but you will not believe how much more value and care comes with a bespoke tailored suit. A bespoke item is either made because of specific needs, for example to complement a natural posture, satisfy a particular purpose of requirement, or to please someone’s creativity and desire to be different. The process allows the creation of exclusive items, individually designed and personalized to flatter someone’s own personality and style. There is nothing quite like the feeling of putting on a suit created especially for you, one that has been worked on for hours to perfect every detail so as to achieve an impeccable garment. Special attention is given to your personality, lifestyle demands, the world around you and especially your individuality.

None of us is a perfect 48 or 52. All of us differ slightly from regular off the rack sizes. Made to Measure is emphatically not Bespoke. A Bespoke suit is cut from a pattern drawn especially for you. A Made to Measure suit takes an existing block ,say 50 Regular, and then adjusts the cut to suit your frame. Do your shoulders stoop? Is one arm longer than the other? Are you slightly hunched? Even details like your arm ratio and the way you carry yourself are taken into account so that the drape of your jacket is perfection itself. If you order a Bespoke suit, all these elements are taken into consideration so that the finished product fits better on your frame faultlessly.


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